Monday, 14 March 2011

Create DSN in Windows7

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Imagic Solution  provide step by step guide for create (ODBC) DSN in windows 7 (WIn7)

please follow step and enjoy with work.

======== Create DSN on Win-7 for Access ( ===========

1:-> click on "start" button -> click on "control panel"
2:-> change view in control panel -> view by : small icon
3:-> click on "Administrative Tool".
4:-> Duble Click on "Data Sources(ODBC)"
5:-> Select "User DSN" tab.
     -> Select "Access database" option
     -> click on "ADD" button
     -> click on "Select" buttton
     -> select "Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)
     -> click on "Finish"
6:-> new window open.
     -> type Data Source Name = CustomeDSN (Note: Please type same to same)
     -> type Description= CustomeDSN
     -> click on "Select" button
        (note: select path from :c:/program file/smart solution/weighning management/system/WehingDB.mdb)
        (note: if WehingDB.mdb file not apear then please this location and copy provide admin right and share it.
               if again not apear then open explorer then cut that file on desktop then reastart computer and past it again samr location.)
7:-> click on "Finish"

note: after create DSN please open software and check its working.
if any kind more help please contact on

Mr. Vijay Movaliya
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